Praise for 529 College Savings Plans for Grandparents


“Pritchard has given us the “A to Z” of 529 plans. The book is written in clear, lucid prose and is organized in a way that makes answers to specific questions easy to find, while allowing a serious reader to dive deeply into any dimension of these valuable vehicles for college savings.”

      Richard Ekman, President 

      The Council of Independent Colleges

      Washington, DC


“I highly recommend this handbook for grandparents. It's easy to read and filled with information that will help you understand the different types of plans, and how you can help your grandchildren achieve a better future.” 

      Betty Lochner, Director Emeritus 

      Washington State 529 Plans & Vice Chair, Washington State ABLE Savings Plans

      Olympia, WA


“An excellent and comprehensive look at purchasing 529 plans for grandchildren.”

      Mandee Heller Adler, Founder and CEO 

      International College Counselors 

      Author of: International Admissions: How to get accepted to US Colleges  


“Ben Franklin said, ‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.’  Pritchard convincingly makes the case that 529 plans are the best tool to help family members get the knowledge to pay handsome returns for generations to come.”

      Paul Merriman, Founder

      The Merriman Financial Education Foundation

      Seattle, WA


“Every dollar saved is one less dollar your grandchildren have to borrow.”

      Mitch Seabaugh, Executive Director 

      Georgia’s Path2College 529 Plan

      Atlanta, GA 

“Timely and comprehensive book that will help families save efficiently for higher education.”

      Paul Curley, CFA

      Director of College Savings Research at Strategic Insight

      New York, NY

“As a parent, a 529 Plan was instrumental in allowing us to focus on the most important aspect of higher education - the right fit. Pritchard's guidebook is a vital resource.”

      Hamilton Gregg M.ED, CEP, Board Member

      Higher Education Consultants Association

      Beijing, China


“Pritchard’s book is the guide for grandparents who want to use 529 plans effectively for their grandchildren’s education.”

         Stephen C. Craffen, MS, CFA, ChFC, CLU, CFP®

         Partner, Stonegate Wealth Management, LLC

        Oakland, NJ 

"Pritchard has tapped into the power of extended families to show us the critical role that grandparents can play in making their grand kid’s college dreams a reality. I recommend this book to my clients because Pritchard’s financial and familial insights should not to be missed by parents and grandparents who are interested in securing their family’s legacy."

      David Montesano

      College Admission Strategist  

      Seattle, WA

 “Run, don't walk, to open a 529 for your grandchild. This detailed book shows how compounding and 529 accounts can be a powerful combination.”

      Steven Roy Goodman, M.S., J.D., CEP

      College Admissions Consultant & Author

      Washington, DC

 "If you are a financial advisor that works with wealthy families who are looking to use educational funding as another valuable wealth transfer technique, you must read this book.”

      Allyn Hughes, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, CAP®

      Brooks, Hughes and Jones

      Gig Harbor, WA


"Pritchard’s book identifies, in great clarity, the wonderful opportunity 529 plans afford grandparents to pass along the legacy of education to their grandchildren."

       Richard A. Feigenbaum, Esq.

       Author of The 529 College Savings Plan Made Simple

       Wellesley, MA


“A valuable reference work for practitioners.”

      Drake Zimmerman, JD, CFA, CFP®, CAP®

      Zimmerman & Armstrong Investment Advisors, Inc.

      Normal, IL


 “Each chapter is rich with raw information, excellent guidance, timely advice and important discussion of sensitive matters. I cannot imagine a more in-depth, relevant and vital source for parents and grandparents.” 

        Alan Haas, President

        Educational Futures

        New Canaan, CT


“This is a great resource! Grandparents need to know the rules and strategies to invest wisely. This book is a must read.”

      Bonnie L. Sudduth, M.S., CEP

      Director, College Planning Services

      Hilton Head Island, SC


"An excellent resource to inspire grandparents to fund 529 plans and create an amazing legacy." 

      Jason Parker, CRFA®, RICP® 

      Author of Sound Retirement Planning & Host of Sound Retirement Radio

      Poulsbo, WA

“Pritchard manages to straddle detailed explanations and concise summaries in a way that makes a complicated subject understandable.”

      Lesley Klecan, Board Member

      Pacific Northwest Association for College Admission Counseling

      Medford, OR


"Pritchard discusses the many benefits 529 plans provide and the important role grandparents can play in creating a family legacy of education." 

       Richard J. Polimeni, Chair

       College Savings Foundation

       Arlington, VA


"Great book for all Grandparents looking to help their grandchildren pay for college."

      Chris Featherstone, CFP®  ChFC,  Principal

      Madison Park Capital Advisors, LLC

      Seattle, WA