Additional Books by Jeffrey J. Pritchard

Investing with Convertible Bonds


Tap into the extremely lucrative convertible bond market. Low-Risk, High-Performance: Investing with Convertible Bonds shows you how to:

· Take advantage of convertible bond protection in declining markets and appreciation in bull markets by knowing when to buy, hold, and sell convertible bonds.

· Make informed and profitable decisions based on one of three sure-fire investment strategies.

· Use the twenty-four-point screening criteria, adjustable for the conservative or aggressive investor, for making the most positive investment decisions.

· Improve your rate of return with the only in-depth historical analysis of convertible bonds purchased as new issues.


Heads You Win; Tails You Win: The Inside Secrets to Rare Coin Investing


Since the end of World War II, Rare coins have outperformed most all other investments. Yet, this incredible potential carries with it the risk of unscrupulous dealers, counterfeits, and overgraded coins.

Now you can learn all the inside secrets the professionals use in rare coin investing from the most realistic and comprehensive sourcebook written to date – Heads You Win, Tails You Win: The Inside Secrets of Rare Coin Investing. Unlike other books on the market that are narrow in scope or scarce on hard facts, this book is packed with detailed photographs, comprehensive descriptions, and candid investing advice. Areas of particular importance to the investor such as how to buy, and more critical, how to sell; how to avoid being ripped off; and how to reduce your taxes.


Quest for the Pillars of Wealth


Despondent over their parents' pending separation due to financial problems, Gennie and Jeff Douglas encounter an ancient man named Mr. Mortimer. Mortimer reveals three massive pillars, representing the three secrets for acquiring wealth. Gennie and Jeff must travel back through time to unravel each of the pillar's mysteries in order to save their family.

But there's a catch! If they cannot unravel each of the pillar's secret in three days, Gennie and Jeff will be trapped in time forever!

Quest for the Pillars of Wealth is an engaging tale full of surprises in which young readers will discover the three time honored foundations for becoming rich!


The Secret Treasures of Oak Island


Joel and Emma never expected to spend the summer digging in the Money Pit, searching for untold millions in gold and jewels on famous Oak Island. But soon after their adventurer uncle Jake telephones them in British Columbia to ask for their help with the excavations, they're in the air flying to the coast of Nova Scotia.


The Seventh Jewel


For more than 500 years an Inca princess lay peacefully buried atop Peru's highest peak, perfectly preserved under a shroud of ice and snow. Now the mummy has been uncovered by Emma's and Joel's Uncle Jake, a fortune hunter who may have unwittingly awakened a long dormant curse. A startling discovery about the mummy's necklace fuels an international search for its origin, as it may hold the long sought secret to fighting global warming. Backed by a global science team, teens Emma and Joel Morgan journey with their uncle to Peru's unmapped heartland in search of the mythical Seventh Jewel and a lost Inca tribe. But can Emma and Joel escape the murderous thieves pursuing them? And what of the necklace medallion-is the curse real?