529 College Savings Plans for Grandparents



529 College Savings Plans for Grandparents is the only comprehensive guide to tax-free college savings plans written specifically for grandparents and their professional advisors. This highly acclaimed book navigates the unique family, tax, investment, and financial aid issues surrounding 529 plans for grandchildren. Using this book, grandparents will learn how to build a permanent family legacy of higher education.

“Pritchard offers a compelling guidebook for how grandparents can best contribute to preparing the next generation for success in work, citizenship and life.”

      Lynn Pasquerella, President 

      Association of American Colleges and Universities 

      Washington, DC

"As a university professor and a grandfather, I’m very enthusiastic about 529 plans.  In addition to citing tax-advantaged growth, Pritchard touches upon what I feel is most compelling; the joy of grandchildren developing with a reduced debt load."

      William D. Danko, Ph.D.

      Coauthor of The Millionaire Next Door

      Albany, NY


"Not just for grandparents. Perhaps the seminal book on 529 plans."  

      Angela Baier, CEO

      CollegeInvest – Colorado’s 529 Savings Plan

      Denver, CO